The business of augmenting human lives:

Electrons and protons can’t be seen by the visible eye. However, fire them through the Earth’s magnetosphere, and you illuminate our night sky with lights of varying color, complexity, and beauty; human potential is much the same.

With the strategic application of capital, technology, and a personal touch, we help that unique potential find proper commercial expression— pre-seed to scale.

Partial List of Clients, Investments and Advisees:



Brilliance, Unveiled.

Given the right operating conditions (people, capital, market, strategy), we all have unique contributions that can be expressed commercially and shared at scale.

Your Efforts, Amplified.

Founders and their teams sit at an important nexus; they serve as a point of conversion between capital and enriched, happy, loyal customers. Our intention is to amplify their efforts.

Beyond Just Capital.

Founders demand more than just capital from their investors. Funds must innovate, build lasting relationships with founders, and open more doorways for portfolio companies to grow.


Our advisory services are custom-designed, combining the power and potential of one or more of the following— strategic fund formation & design, portfolio growth, fund support & development, leadership development & coaching, and business coaching and operational assistance.